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Set It Off

Set It Off – Clearwater, Florida

Set It Off is an amazing band that is this cool hybrid of Pop/Punk/Rock with a twist of theatrical energy added to them.  Great vocals, big choruses, sticky lyrics, driving drums and awesome guitar tones!

I feel a new genre trend coming folks! Do you feel me?

Fresh Track: @Reply

Link: www.facebook.com/setitoffband



Surrogate – Chico, California

Have you ever listened to a band’s music for the very first time and then immediately fall in love with them? We just did!

Surrogate has a cool Indie / Pop vibe and their songs are packed with great textures,  sick guitar tones, sticky lyrics and amazing vocals!

Fresh Track: Old Life

Link: http://www.purevolume.com/new/surrogate


iSH is a Hip-Hop Artist that comes to us from Canada…great lyrics, perfect cadence and a distinctive voice…look for great things to come for him in 2011!

Fresh Track: Hustle To Be Free

Link: ishmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-name-is-ish

Contact: ishmusic.ent@gmail.com


Fairline is an Alt/Rock/Pop band from Arizona that has performed with the likes of The Maine, never shout never and He is We. We are big fans of these guys…they write great songs and the vocals have a very broad range.

For fans of The Maine and One Republic

Fresh Track: E-L-Izabeth

Link: www.facebook.com/wearefairline

Contact: ryan@eightyonetwentythree.com / tim@eightyonetwentythree.com

Dojo Workhorse

Dojo Workhorse comes to us from Canada and they are one of those cool bands that we could sit for hours listening to. Their songs are filled with big choruses, very sticky hooks and amazingly distinctive vocals. These guys have taken all of the elements that you like from Indie, Folk, Pop and Soul music and combines them so subtly.

Fresh Track: The Universe

Link: www.myspace.com/dojoworkhorse

Contact: istillbelieveinrock@gmail.com

The Nova Echo

The Nova Echo is a Space-Age/Rock/Pop band hailing from Asheville, North Carolina….there aren’t any bands out there that we know of that are making the kind of music they are right now…their songs will definitely take you on a journey!

Fresh Track: Ragnarok

Link: www.facebook.com/thenovaecho

Contact: info@thenovaecho.net



Jessie and the Toy Boys

Jessie and the Toy Boys is Pop/Dance sensation coming to us from Southern California. Jessie has a distinctive voice and has no problem with provocative songwriting and does it sarcastically. Jessie has immense talent and we see 2011 as being a good year for her.

Fresh Track: Like You Better

Links: www.jessieandthetoyboys.com/

Contact: jsousa@prospectpk.com

Eytan & The Embassy

Eytan & The Embassy is a Pop/Rock band with a tasty bit of Soul added to the mix.  Eytan is an amazing singer with great depth, believability, range and distinction. Songs are well written and are filled with great hooks and big choruses. We see great things ahead for these guys!

Fresh Track: From Now On

Link: www.myspace.com/eytanmusic

Contact: eytanandtheembassy@gmail.com

Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen is a Rap Artist hailing from Long Island, New York. Hoodie  writes great “Pop” songs with intelligent lyrics and is able to serve them up to you with perfect cadence and with a style all to his own. Hoodie has been super busy lately touring in support of his most recent mixtape “Pep Rally” and we were lucky enough to get a few minutes with him to snag an interview. Hope you enjoy!


Daily Unsigned: Hoodie Allen? Is that a nickname? Is there a story behind your name?

Hoodie: Yes, Hoodie is a nickname and I kind of adapted it all to a little tongue-in-cheek pun. It just stuck.

Daily Unsigned: Describe your process of writing? What influences and inspiration do you pull from when writing and crafting your songs? Do you make the beats first and then lyrics?

Hoodie: I feel like I’m constantly writing and hearing melodies. I’ll sit down and jot it out but much of the process does start by being inspired by a beat I have and then going from there.  I just write about what I’m feeling–what’s
on my mind? Usually freestyling to the beat will conjur up a melody or an
idea that sticks and then I run with it.

Daily Unsigned: Have you ever performed at a real high school pep rally? And would you?

Hoodie Allen: I haven’t but I would haha I know that my own high school played my music during their pep rally this year which was funny.

Daily Unsigned: If you could do a song collaboration with anyone, who would it be and why?

Hoodie Allen: Can I take the production efforts of Mark Ronson and guest vocals from Amy Winehouse? Right now that’d be fresh to me.

Daily Unsigned: What was the song that broke you out? What started the hype around Hoodie Allen?

Hoodie: In June, I released a song called “You Are Not A Robot” and that was the catalyst for everything that followed.

Daily Unsigned: What are your future plans for 2011?

Hoodie Allen: Being the king of content. New music, a lot more visuals, a lot more shows. Let people really get a better picture of who I am and where I want to fit in the music world.

Daily Unsigned: As an up and coming emerging artist, what advice can you lend to others  following the same career path as you?

Hoodie: DON’T DO IT! Nah I’m kidding. Be passionate, don’t get frustrated and do what you believe in and eventually it will get it’s proper shine.

Fresh: Look At What We Started

Link: www.myspace.com/hoodieallen

Contact: hoodieallenmusic@gmail.com


Bay Area bomber Yogy has been on his grind for several years doing shows, making videos and mixtapes simply just keeping himself as busy as humanely possible (If you don’t believe us check his MySpace).  The kids a star and while his bravado is believable it isn’t intimidating, he bounces so seamlessly off the beat you can’t help but be entranced by his cadence.

Fresh Track: Time Is Now

Link: www.myspace.com/yogymusic

Contact: yogymusic@gmail.com

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