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Yashin is a self described Alt Screamo Rock Band hailing from the beautiful Country of Glasgow, Scotland. These guys seem to have their pulse on what the American Consumer is looking for in music…and we can see them pulling back some on the screamo influences in their songs going forward and getting more ballsy aggressive with their sound…while still maintaining their broad commercial appeal. Now if they could come to the States and give us all here a taste of what their live show has to offer!

Yashin has performed all over the UK with bands like New Found Glory, Against Me, Four Year Strong, Hit the Lights, Set Your Goals. They have a spot date with Hawthorne Heights and a full tour with Emarosa coming up in December…so if you are in the UK…check them out!

Fresh Track: Let It Go

Link: www.myspace.com/theyashin

Contact: theyashin@hotmail.co.uk



The Yellow Team

The Yellow Team is a hard working band hailing from the State of New Hampshire. Their genre is the least likely of all combinations one would ever expect to hear….Electronica / Pop Punk and surprisingly enough they are actually able to pull it off quite well. With vocals that make you want to dance mixed with a Pop Punk feel behind them..one can envision this new sub-genre taking off…Could they spawn the next Owl City meets The Sex Pistols? You never know!

The band has performed with Lights and The Ready Set and they are versatile and adaptable with most bands when it comes to performing live.

The Yellow Team just released a New Music Video yesterday and you can check it out here.

Fresh Track: It’s Science

Link: www.myspace.com/theyellowteam

Twitter: twitter.com/theyellowteam

Contact: theyellowteam@aol.com

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