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Gemini Syndrome

Gemini Syndrome – Hollywood, California

Aggressive in your face music that takes the best elements of industrial, metal, hardcore, pop and rock it’s bottled and then broken over your head.

The lead singer, Aaron Nordstrom has a Maynard James Keenan (Tool) meets Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) swagger and style which is truly a breath of fresh air in this genre.

We predict great things for these guys!

Fresh Track: Basement / Resurrection



Set It Off

Set It Off – Clearwater, Florida

Set It Off is an amazing band that is this cool hybrid of Pop/Punk/Rock with a twist of theatrical energy added to them.  Great vocals, big choruses, sticky lyrics, driving drums and awesome guitar tones!

I feel a new genre trend coming folks! Do you feel me?

Fresh Track: @Reply


Daily Unsigned Alumni, The Polaroid People “officially” changed their band name this week to Critics.

We still are big fans of this amazing band from Australia…and of course love their new band name!

Please continue to support them at




Lady Radiator – Bergenline, New Jersey

Lady Radiator is the ghost of music past, Rage, ATDI, not fucking around at all.  They are as interesting as they are talented…in a nutshell their music knocks 10 years off my life… makes me sterile and somehow helps me pay my rent….the energy I get from them should be bottled.  Just listen, you will see.

Fresh Track: Party With Villains


Daily Unsigned Alumni, Odd Future made their grand appearance at the mtvU Woodie Awards this week!

Check out their exploits here:


Transparent Things – Altoona, PA

First off, let me start by saying that I am an uber-critical, hyper-hating, super picky jerk when it comes to female vocalists. Ok…got that off my chest and now I can breathe a little better.

Transparent Things (Krystal Shore) is one of those vocalists that when she sings you truly feel like she is singing to just you. I have played her songs over and over so much in the last couple of weeks that I feel like she and I have  connected on some spiritual level or something….weird I know since I have never met or spoken to her…but then again isn’t that what a great singer and song is supposed to do to you anyway? Songs are meant to take you on a journey and help you escape the present or even be there to celebrate with. Songs mark a moment in time for us…almost like a bookmark… I feel that Transparent Things may just be that bookmark for you. Enjoy!

Fresh Track: Why Do You Think It Is?








Saint Motel

Saint Motel – Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Saint Motel is an Indie/Pop/Rock band that writes quirky, fun, hand clapping, singable songs that are often filled with sarcasm and in your face lyrics. Imagine dancing and rocking out to a song that has a line “Your ship is sinking now go down with it” in it and you are happy!

We caught their show at SXSW tonight and they did a great job! Make sure that you check them out later this week here at SXSW when they will be performing with Neon Trees, Great Northern, She Wants Revenge and Greek Fire.

The band’s single “Puzzle Pieces” is currently in the Top 10 on The Hype Machine today!

Fresh Track: Puzzle Pieces


Cheap Seats

Cheap Seats – Philadelphia, PA

Have you ever wished you could jump into a time machine…dial in the year that you wanted and just went there? As a kid, I used to sit back and daydream about it all the time..wait..who I am kidding…as an Adult…I still do that!  For me, I think the 50’s were a great time in music…so I would definitely turn the dial back and visit there in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, I do not have a time machine to jump into..but what I do have today is a very cool band, Cheap Seats that 100% satisfies my need to go back in time.

Cheap Seats has brought back the “Philly Sound” from yesteryear and then added their spin on it.

Catchy songs, great pop sensibilities!

The guys are currently working on 12 new songs that they will be releasing later in the year. Make sure that you check out their video below!

Fresh Track: Chained to Me





Surrogate – Chico, California

Have you ever listened to a band’s music for the very first time and then immediately fall in love with them? We just did!

Surrogate has a cool Indie / Pop vibe and their songs are packed with great textures,  sick guitar tones, sticky lyrics and amazing vocals!

Fresh Track: Old Life


Tayyib Ali

Tayyib Ali – Philadelphia, PA

Philly is nothing short of a hot bed of toughness and talent.  Who else could give the world TastyKakes, the best cheesteaks, great sports franchises and incredible music?  Talent such as Hall and Oates, Jedi Mind Tricks, The Roots, Beanie Sigel, Meek Mill (who recently signed with Rick Ross’ “Maybach Music”), we move forward to welcome Tayyib Ali.  Tayyib is a well thought out emcee who crafts songs you could take long drives up the coast to, not unlike Kanye West.  We are getting increasingly more excited by the Hip Hop we are hearing over here….so who do we have to threaten to hear a Tayyib and J. Cole collaboration?

Tayyib recently performed 2 shows with Wiz Khalifa..also make sure that you check out his new mixtape that drops in April…for more info on that…head to his website!

Fresh Track: Keystone State Of Mind



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